Another podcast recorded at A:M@Protocol, London. Nice funky set for you! 

This is the first half of my set at A:M@Protocol in London from 2Mar19. Love playing for A:M, always a great crowd and an amazing vibe! 

If you happen to be in London on 22Mar19, then come and join me and the team! 

2 hours and 40 minutes of great uplifting vocal house – recorded live at Beyond LITE on 30Dec18. 

This is my full set from Recon’s London end-of-year party on 29 December 2018. Have to say, I loved playing this set and am somewhat proud of it! Hope you enjoy it too! 

This is part of my set at A:M on 19Oct18 – for those of you who like it vocal, this will be one for you! 

This is a teaser for A:M’s Halloween party The Purge! 

This is looking to be an A:Mazing party, with a super hot line up! If you're in London on 24 Oct 2018, then make sure you get to this! 

Here's part of my set from Revelation on 15Sep18 – a little more on the tech side. 

This is the first half of my début set as a resident DJ at A:M@Protocol in London. Hopefully lots more of this to come! 

This is almost an hour and a half of my special classics set for Vice Versa’s Bourne Free party on 14 July 2018.

As the title suggests, expect wall to wall classics! 

This is my most recent set for Beyond – the warm up set for Taboo 7 Deadly Sins! 

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